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Marketing Your Ecommerce Store With eyeris.io Express Video Studio

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This guide was created in partnership with the eyeris.io team to help ecommerce brands best use their platform.


As an agile online store owner, you know that in order to grow your brand, engage with your audience and reach new customers, you need to be posting content regularly, and especially video content, as platforms like TikTok are taking over the market.


However, creating relevant content on a regular basis can be time consuming, difficult, and most importantly expensive, if you don’t have the designer skills required for the process.


eyeris.io aims to solve this problem by democratizing access to high-quality, professional yet easy, fast, and affordable creatives for agile Shopify store owners.  



How eyeris.io Express Video Studio Works

The platform takes all your product information directly from your Shopify feed (product visuals, prices, discounts etc.), and your brand info such as logo, name, website, colors and fonts, and automatically includes everything into beautiful video templates creating impactful, brand representative content (videos, GIFs, static banners) in no time.


Just like that, all manual effort necessary to manage and create assets for hundreds of products literally vanishes.


And because eyeris.io has an ever-growing library of easily customizable video templates curated for all industries (Fashion, Beauty, Home, Electronics etc.), events (Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, Summer etc.) and advertising needs (offers, promotions, best-selling products etc.), designer skills are virtually unnecessary.


Still, if you are feeling creative, you can use eyeris.io’s in-house, user-friendly video template editor, and customize any public template down to the smallest detail or to create a new one from scratch.


Build your own set of beautiful, brand-representative templates and use them for as many products as you need. Generate hundreds of creatives in seconds. Literally.


Choose the perfect media for your videos from the thousands of stock videos, effects, stickers, images, audio, or upload your own assets, and make your products truly pop.


Let our AI remove the background of all your product visuals to give your products an even more professional look.



eyeris.io editor



Getting Started

To get started, all you’ve got to do is install our Shopify App – eyeris.io Express Video Studio.


The app will instantly start importing all your product data – visuals, prices, discount info, directly from your Shopify feed, as well as your brand info.


You’ll be set to start generating impactful, brand-representative creatives for your amazing products in no time.


Once the onboarding is complete, the first step is to choose the products you wish to showcase. You can decide to show off a single product, or an entire collection, no limits here.


Now, all that’s left to do is select the template best suited for your need.


You should first ask yourself – what do you want to do with the video? Perhaps make a Facebook Post, or Insta Reel, post it on TikTok or create a YouTube campaign? 


Then, feel free to navigate through templates based on your shop’s industry, as we’ve got lots of them from Fashion, to Beauty, Home, Electronics, Jewelry and not only.


If you’ve got a specific need for that video, such as a Christmas or Black Friday sale, or you simply want to showcase your best-selling products, we’ve got templates for that, too.


Before making the video, you’ll be able to also change the backgrounds, the audio, the color palettes, the text, anything that makes it even more suitable for your specific need.


That’s literally it! Your video will be ready in less than 2 minutes. You’ll then be able to download it and use it wherever it’s necessary. You’ll also be able to export it as GIF or static banners, depending on your marketing needs.



eyeris.io customize



The Price

eyeris.io is designed as a subscription model with 4 tiers – Free Forever, Starter, Engage and Pro, based on the number of videos you’re able to create monthly.


The Free Forever plan includes 5 videos/mo. Feel free to use it for as long as you need before making any decision.


The first paid plan: Starter, includes 20 videos/mo while charging $9/mo, also allowing for the possibility to create Full HD videos.


As consistency is key whenever you want to increase your reach on any social platform, this plan is best for posting a video each weekday.


With the Engage plan, you get 90 videos/mo for $29/mo, together with the video template editor functionality.


Managing multiple social accounts can be difficult, and so this plan is suitable for covering all your everyday video needs for up to three accounts.


Finally, the Pro plan will give you 180 videos/mo at $49/mo. This subscription is great if you want to make sure all your social media and advertising needs are being taken care of across all channels.



eyeris.io templates



What assets can you make?

As you can export both MP4, GIF files, and static banners, you have plenty of options for deployment across your marketing tactics.


What makes the eyeris.io platform highly useful is you can easily create short, animated or static creatives that are great for showcasing one or multiple products in a simple yet impactful way.


Imagine this: You spend hours every day managing your products. You add beautiful new visuals for each of them on your website, you tweak the prices and add discounts so the products are more appealing, easing the purchasing decision of customers.


It’d be a waste not to translate all this effort into social media content as well. You’ve just added a discount? Make a short, 5 seconds video where you show the product and the great deal your customers get. You’ve got some nice new arrivals? Include the new collection into an engaging products carousel video so your audience is constantly kept up to date.


Again, these super simple-to-use options helps speed up creation and deployment across many different mediums.


We recommend using a mixture of assets with a discount or offer and just the product. By mixing these two types of media, you can keep users engaged and bring your products to life.



How to use your new creatives?

While this all might sound fantastic, you’ll want to know how to use what you create.


As all marketing is test and measure, there’s no right or wrong way to use what you create using the software. So take some time to experiment and measure the results. You might just be surprised.


How you could use your creatives falls into three buckets: Website, Social, and Email. Let’s have a look at these in more detail.



If you’re using banner images at the top of category pages, you can change them to animated GIFs and improve time on page as visitors will want to stick around a little longer.


Similarly, if you already have a sidebar on category pages, adding a GIF to highlight a best seller or a discount on an end of line product is a great way to use the creatives you can build using eyeris.io. It will stand out more than a 2D image.



For organic posts, simply upload the MP4 clip directly to Facebook using the publishing tools within the Meta Business Suite. You could get creative and use a GIF, as the products will keep showing as the user scrolls.


The videos also are ideal for Facebook Stories, which should provide better organic reach over a feed post. You’ll want to export your content as a rectangle so it fits with users viewing it in portrait mode.


Meta loves video ads, so eyeris.io is a superb way to create content for your paid social campaigns.



You can try the same approach on Instagram as you do on Facebook. Videos will work as stories, ads, and grid posts. You might need to adapt the format size slightly to fit how Instagram displays content vs how Facebook does. But again, eyeris.io makes this super easy to do!



You can use MP4 and GIF files with Twitter for organic posts and ads. Twitter recommends you keep clips to 15 seconds or less for ads. You’ll want to do the same with organic posts.


Twitter is a great place to use rich media and not only text. So testing the odd video in your social media content plan is well worth it.



You’ll want to take a slightly different approach to TikTok. Users expect you to be more lighthearted. TikTok allows you to add existing GIFS on top of your video to spice them up. So it’s worth testing both the straight video and a fun version with added graphics from the platform.


You can also use your assets for TikTok ads if you’re exploring using them to reach more potential customers.



You might not think about using short videos on YouTube, but Shorts are a big trend and a great way to promote an offer or product. YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, so it’s vital to have a presence on it.


YouTube might not be a primary social channel for you. However, it’s a great one for quick and easy distribution. As with other social platforms, test a few different creative ideas.



Using product GIFs in your email marketing is one way to add excitement to a 2D medium. So it’s worth exporting clips as GIFs and including them in some of your email marketing.


Aid working with your creative team

The hardest part of working with a videographer is the initial creative idea. As a small business, you probably don’t have the time or capacity to think of new video ideas each week, let alone film them.


With eyeris.io, you can create an attractive first draft that can help explain your ideas to the creative team in a way that you might struggle with words. From there, they can bring your idea to life.

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