Ecommerce Retargeting Services

Ecommerce Retargeting Services

Retargeting: Your Secret Weapon For Ecommerce Growth!

Only 3% of your visitors will buy when they first experience your website. That means the overwhelming majority won't. And so you need a way to hook them back in.


Retargeting is one technique you can use to remind visitors that you exist in the days after they looked around your store. These reminders can help encourage visitors to look again and purchase items.


If your paid digital marketing mix doesn't include PPC adverts and retargeting, you're likely leaving money on the table.

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What's Retargeting?

How ecommerce retargeting works is quite simple: When someone visits your store, a cookie drops onto their browser. Using this cookie, we can show them adverts (both text and image) on websites that use Google Adsense.


These adverts help your brand stay top of mind as they move around the web. After clicking an advert, they return your product's page.


Retargeting is a fantastic, cost-effective way to re-engage previous visitors and remind them why they landed on your Shopify, Magento, or WooComerce store in the first place. It can help you drive more revenue and grow faster.

4 Ways Retargeting Can Help Grow Your Ecommerce Store

Drive sales

Remind potential customers why they visited your shop and that their item and many others are still available for purchase.

Timed discount

Offer a limited-time discount for users that abandoned their shopping carts that inspires them to take action now.

Cross selling

Show previous visitors products related to the one they’ve already purchased, and they just might bite!

Brand building

For someone to remember your brand, it takes multiple touch points. So being visible around the web helps increase your brand's awareness.

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Don't Leave Money On The Table

If you're not using retargeting to drive sales and increase brand awareness, you're potentially leaving loads of money on the table. Thankfully, it's easy to unlock this cash and grow your ecommerce business faster.


So, if your ecommerce store isn't using retargeting and needs help building a custom strategy, our creative paid search team are available. They will work with you to realize the best results within your budget.

Why use our Ecommerce Retargeting Services?

We don't do slow, offer long-term retainers, or work from fancy offices. We offer transparent pricing for our ecommerce retargeting services for Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce stores.


With our project-based pricing model, you can measure the outcome from the start. Don't waste money on monthly reports that offer little value.


Let's build an actionable business plan to grow your sales and help you reach your business goals together.

Matthew Alexander Hobby Hustler

Matthew Alexander

Hobby Hustler

I scheduled a 30 minute 1-to-1 call with AJ, he spent 1.5 hours! We went through my whole website, he gave me actionable advice. I learnt how to find keywords that I can rank for and how to write for people and search engines. Now, I track my keywords on a weekly basis and have over 50 keywords ranking on the first page of Google!

View Our Ecommerce Retargeting Packages

Booster Package

  • $100 – $5,000/month ad spend (paid to networks)
  • Google PPC Network
  • Campaign development, strategy, copywriting, testing
  • Set up fee: $1,000
  • 3-month minimum

$500 per month

Growth Package

  • $5,000 - $30,000/month ad spend (paid to networks)
  • Google PPC Network + Bing PPC Networks
  • Campaign development, strategy, copywriting, testing
  • Set up fee: $2,000
  • 3-month minimum

$875 per month

Thoughts from clients


AJ is the guy you go to for ecommerce SEO strategy. He helps you connect the dots between content for the sake of it and content that drives visitors and importantly revenue.

Cristina BeeProductive

Cristina Samoila


AJ spent a few hours pouring knowledge over me and overall changing how I approach content creation forever! I highly recommend working with him!

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