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5 Ecommerce Video Ideas That Drive Revenue

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An element of ecommerce marketing we’ve yet to cover is video. For a lot of store owners, filming content is a scary prospect as they don’t know where to start or what to cover. Thankfully, I have a few ecommerce video ideas you can use to drive more revenue.


Video is a fantastic medium for several reasons. It can help show a product in a way that text can’t. You can film unboxing, how-tos, tips, and more types of videos. If you have a sizeable social following, you can try live shopping events.


Video is a great way to deepen the relationship with your customers and inspire them to buy. So if you’re not using it as part of your marketing plan, let me give you some practical ways to incorporate ecommerce videos into the mix.



The Power of Video in Ecommerce

To understand why video is important, we must talk about learning styles. We don’t all learn or experience life in the same way. In fact, there are 4 different learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Reading and Writing, and Kinesthetic.


A great shopping experience includes elements of these different learning styles and helps the customer truly connect with the item. If your online store only uses text and images, you might be losing sales as some customers will want to see the item in 3D, and others will want to touch it.


While the customer might not be able to physically touch the item when browsing online, having videos that clearly show the product in 3D and in use can help bridge the gap between online and physical shopping.


Compared to other forms of social media, video sticks around longer. Tweets or your Instagram post will probably be forgotten after a few hours and be hard to retrieve, but videos are easy to search for and can connect with potential customers around the clock.


There are plenty of reasons why using ecommerce video makes sense. We can film product demos, customer testimonials, sell a lifestyle, help educate with tutorials or how-to, and use live shopping events and behind-the-scenes videos to drive more revenue.



#1 Product Demo Videos

I’ve asked my good friend Kalen, from Consumer Quest to write this section as he’s producing product review videos daily and so has some fantastic insights:


Product Demo Videos dramatically help to leave a lasting impression by addressing Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learning styles. Unlike static images and written descriptions, a product demo video presents a tangible experience, showing viewers how the product works and highlighting key features.


This clarity helps potential customers understand the product’s benefits and envision how it would fit into their lives. The added sense of scale and feel could be the difference making one product stand out from competing products and ultimately leading to a purchase.


A prime example comes from Consumer Quest, a company specialising in creating influencer led unboxing video content for online storefronts.


Their strategy is to harness the power of influencer marketing and authentic unboxing experiences providing viewers with genuine hands-on use showing the true look, feel and functionality of the products being showcased in fun and compelling presentations.


These videos resonate with customers, establishing a sense of confidence that encourages them to proceed with a purchase.


Moreover, these videos are strategically positioned alongside complementary product storefronts, targeting audiences who are already primed to buy.


For instance, by aligning demo videos with complementary brands, Consumer Quest’s product demo videos increase cross-sales potential, providing brands a unique opportunity to convert customers to make a purchase for a product they may not even know exists.


The impact is significant because demo videos answer common questions, resolve uncertainties, and demonstrate product superiority. When a potential buyer watches a demo showcasing a product’s superior features over competitors, it creates a strong impression, influencing their purchase choice. 


Overall, product demo videos, and strategies used by companies such as Consumer Quest, really drive home that these videos simplify the customer journey, address common concerns, and foster the trust needed to convert interest into tangible sales.


They offer a compelling narrative that e-commerce brands can utilize to significantly improve conversion rates and drive sustained growth.


You can check out examples of their work and chat with their team about how they can help create content for your brand.



Customer Testimonial Videos



#2 Customer Testimonial Videos

A lot of ecommerce founders wrongly assume they need to produce highly polished videos that costs thousands and takes days to film and edit. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. 


The typical viewer cares more about the content and the authenticity than the production value. We see so many adverts each day that we distrust most of them. Instead, we prefer someone who’s recording a review in their bedroom. 


So, don’t sweat if the production value isn’t amazing. Instead, focus on the message.


I have a few ideas for customer testimonial videos that you can ask loyal fans to record for you. These include product unboxing, simple straight-to-camera review, and “How I’m using the product“.


Bear in mind that your customers aren’t video professionals and are likely time-poor, so make it simple and easy for them to publish a testimonial video and publicly praise them for it. 


The more you interact with customers on their social profiles (and not on yours!), the more your future customers will notice you care and want to buy from you.



#3 Lifestyle Videos

We all buy items and services because of the outcome. You’re not short of fizzy drinks, but drinking Coke Cola makes you feel glamorous and attractive. I’d argue that they’ve spent billions of dollars to imprint that feeling in your brain, but that’s marketing!


You can buy a polo shirt from thousands of places yet the Ralph Lauren polo shirts are seen as an aspirational item to own. Again, this is down to exceptional marketing and positioning.


A final example is Bentley cars. Again, there are thousands of car companies that produce vehicles that are comfortable and safe. And yet many people dream of owning a Bentley, as they want to access that lifestyle.


Lifestyle videos help sell the dream that your product helps to create. They are the missing link between the product’s function and desiring the item.


Here’s the problem. Unlike UGC videos, producing lifestyle videos isn’t cheap or quick. It can take days and cost thousands to create a short 1-minute video. It’s an investment, but one that can pay dividends over the long term.


If you want to invest in lifestyle videos, it’s best to find a local creative agency who can pitch you on a few ideas. From there, they’ll have the talent and contacts to turn the winning idea into a video you can use.



#4 Tutorial and How-To Videos

There’s a simple way to increase people purchasing your products, film useful content! Simple, not easy! 


Having ecommerce video content that helps the end user maximize their investment can help them make a purchase and come back for more items.


If you’re selling watches, having content around how to store the item, care tips, how to change the strap, what to wear it with, etc. can help push someone towards buying it.


With a smart home device, having a video on how to install it, another one on programming it, and a final one on troubleshooting can help users match their learning style to your content and feel more confident using your products.


Once you film the videos you can think of, ask your customers what tutorial and how-to videos they’d like to see. You might be surprised by what they’d like to know and be able to shoot more helpful content!



Live Shopping Events



#5 Live Shopping Events

I’ve asked my good friend Eitan, from Vimmi to write this section as he’s regularly producing live selling events and runs a fantast platform that makes the process super easy. He has some fantastic insights:


Live shopping events combine entertainment with real-time shopping, creating an engaging and interactive experience that captivates customers. These events allow for direct interaction between hosts and viewers, enabling customers to ask questions and make instant purchases, enhancing their overall shopping experience.


The immediacy and interactivity of live shopping build excitement and trust, showcasing products dynamically and authentically. This personalized approach helps deepen customer relationships, fostering loyalty and repeat business.


Moreover, live shopping can significantly boost conversion rates by creating a sense of community. Customers are more likely to purchase when they feel part of an exclusive, live event.


Incorporating live shopping solutions, such as Vimmi, into your e-commerce strategy can transform customer engagement and drive substantial revenue growth, making it a powerful tool in the modern digital marketplace.



#6 BONUS: Behind-the-Scenes Videos

So far, and with help from Kalen and Eitan, we’ve focused on professional, polished videos. However, your consumers want content that humanizes the brand and shows off the personalities running the business.


As humans, we’re naturally curious. Using behind-the-scenes videos can help reveal a new soften angle to customers and help them form a deeper bond with your brand while giving them content that satisfies some of their curiosity.


You could try filming a warehouse or office tour, doesn’t need to be long or artistically ground-breaking. Another great ecommerce video idea is picking and packing items! Really basic stuff but gives people an insight into your business and how it works.


If you’re shooting photos for a new product line, taking stills of the process can reveal some of the thinking behind your creative process. You could film some of the product development process and release it as part of the launch campaign.


The best behind-the-scenes videos (or B-roll as it’s known in the trade) aren’t overproduced with 20 takes, 4 different camera angles, etc., but are a quick and dirty snapshot into the realities of running your business. And so, should be sensitively used as part of your marketing mix.



Ecommerce Video Ideas revenue



Drive More Revenue With These Ecommerce Video Ideas

Hopefully, these ecommerce video ideas give you a starting point for filming content that connects with your customers and uses a different learning style.


You don’t need to spend thousands on cameras, lights, and microphones to get started. Most smartphones combined with a ring light will be enough gear to get you started. As your videos drive more revenue, you can invest in better equipment.


As with any part of marketing your online store, it’s best to get started now with what you have. Over time, you can test new ecommerce video ideas, measure their impact, and improve your output based on market feedback. So film a video today and watch as it drives new sales!

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