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Ecommerce SEO Services That Drive New Customers

Ecommerce SEO Services

When building out your Shopify, Magento, or WooComerce store, it's vital to have a solid SEO strategy. If all you have is a few digital marketing tactics duck-taped together, your results are likely to be poor.


Luckily, we work with ecommerce founders and CMOs to ensure they have the right strategy, KPIs, and tactics to ensure maximum visibility in Google for keywords that drive revenue.


Our ecommerce SEO services deliver quick results thanks to our no-fluff approach, data-driven decision-making, and fast implementation.

SEO Services for Ecommerce
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Auditing Your SEO Strategy

At the start of our work relationship, we'll take the time to audit your current SEO strategy and work with you to build a new one that's rock solid and deliver the results your business deserves.


Discover more about your first steps with us:


Step 1: Digital Brand Style Guide Creation


Step 2: Complete An Ecommerce SEO Audit

Building user journeys that convert

Before creating copy that sells, you need a keyword strategy linked to defined user journeys. Your users don't simply buy on a whim, they need to be romanced and taken on a journey.


Here are the steps we'll take to ensure you have copy that converts:


Step 1: Ecommerce Keyword Research Plan And Map


Step 2 Catagory and Product Description Writing Services


Step 3: Convert More Visitors With Our CRO Services

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Creating rich content users love

One of the easiest ways to inspire and educate potential clients is by having a blog. Yet most businesses run out of ideas after a few months.


Thankfully, as website content strategists, we have started and built many successful blogs. Also, we have years of experience running various content marketing campaigns.


Here are the steps we'll take to ensure you have website content that resonates:


Step 1: Ecommerce Content Marketing Plan And Production

Acquiring backlinks

Google and other search engines still use links to validate if they should trust a website. So, investing time in building quality backlinks is worth it. But you can't just create any old links.


While you need high-quality backlinks, you also need to monitor who links to your website and remove any that look suspicious.


Here are the steps we'll take to ensure you naturally acquire the right backlinks:


Step 1: Ecommerce Link Building Campaigns


Step 2: Digital PR Services For Ecommerce Brands

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Why Use Our Ecommerce SEO Services?

We don't do slow, offer long-term retainers, or work from fancy offices. We offer transparent pricing for our ecommerce SEO services for Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce stores.


With our project-based pricing model, you can measure the outcome from the start. Don't waste money on monthly reports that offer little value.


Focus on growing your business, not your marketing agency's profits. Book A Get To Know You Call.

Thoughts from clients


AJ is the guy you go to for ecommerce SEO strategy. He helps you connect the dots between content for the sake of it and content that drives visitors and importantly revenue.

Cristina BeeProductive

Cristina Samoila


AJ spent a few hours pouring knowledge over me and overall changing how I approach content creation forever! I highly recommend working with him!

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